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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Being Nice- Paint Party Friday

 Icad 53 Start Art Play

I am for the most part finished the required icads for this round!
However I have decided to continue on with them since I'm having 
so much fun.This week I'm posting out of order to match up 
with my subject matter!

Color edit on Icad 65
It's important to be nice no matter what! I have encountered nasty people in on-line scrabble games. Ones who were more than rude and quite creepy. Even though there is a screen between us it can feel a bit intimidating! Who knows what lurks behind the typing! Often my first reaction is to fight back with  contemptible humor. These days, not even that's safe!
Icad 62 Anti fights

I have dear friend who is  quiet and kind, her relative is severally
 mentally ill and extremely scary. You just never know what might set
the relative  off...it can be as much as a slight breeze and the whole
 family suffers! She'll rant on social media, write scathing letters to
 authorities, scream and threaten  family members in public with 
 no regard to witnesses or consequences! 
Icad 66 dedicated to head nutrition
In a past post I wrote how I was threatened by a fellow in a parking lot for absolutely no reason. My car was boxed in and it was terrifying. Days of throwing up a middle finger in protest are long gone. It's not safe. There are impaired people driving around. Ones  a few stitches short of a sweater!! Scary intimidating unpredictable people!  We work with them, we hear of them, we live with them, and we avoid them.  Still they live in our midst and we never know when they might blow!!
Icad 70 ride the bad weather
Being  nice is your best offense. An insurance you might be passed over and  left alone...as long as you aren't meek or condescending. Those attributes are a bulls-eye for trouble! Sincere kindness is your  best chance...even then you just never know what could occur! I'll admit I have always enjoyed being kind, but in the past my bluntness has been perceived as nasty. Plus I was not as tolerant of stupid, the way  others might be!!
Icad 53 Fly Right

I try not to be pulled into other peoples drama anymore!
 It took me years to figure that one out. It's such a huge waste 
energy. I have lost the fight to argue with nasty, mean unkind 
souls  unwilling to listen  anyway! 
 Spend your time on your own dreams. I was always the 
biggest supporter of the underdog. I wasted hours listening  to 
those who continued to make the same repeated poor choices
 expecting different results. If your life isn't working the way you 
want it to, try a new way, change it up! Try anything  
until you're pointed in the direction you want to be!
Icad 59 Marry Success!
As angry as you may feel it takes way more energy to fight a losing 
battle than it does to walk away!  Energy that could  be well spent making
 effective art  so people understand what you're trying to say!
Icad 68 remember your world impact
 It is so much easier to reap the rewards of kindness, than it
is to be drawn in with the meanies of the world!  I love
having nice people around me. They seem more content too!
Icad 65 Mission big dreams

Are you able to be nice even when it seems near
impossible, or do you tend to get pulled into the drama?

If a picture is worth a thousand words I think Tommy Kane
nailed it this week!! Check it out here!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Listening to yourself at the right times, Paint Party Friday

Show Your face Friday
Summer of Color

Cupcake had a deviated septum surgery last week. Not once 
was she worried. In fact she was excited that she may
have less sinus issues! It went well even though she had
 food poisoning two days before. I was concerned she was 
going under after being so sick for twenty four hours! 
She wasn't worried, so I took her cue and tried not 
to worry either. Beardo was amazing at the aftercare.  
Icad 50 Art is power
I taught my daughter to question things she doesn't feel right about and use her greatest gift of intuition. Her intuition is untainted...as a child I never forced to hug people she felt uncomfortable with, or  kiss relatives... She soon warmed up to those who earned her trust. She was wary.... and careful. To this day even her husband heeds her intuition...it is so powerful. She has traveled alone with it and heeds it at every turn! It's her great protector.
Icad 46 worth it!
I've come from a long line of intuitive women. My mom was so intuitive, I was the only kid on the block caught the moment I crossed the line. Mom always knew. I was always perplexed how other kids moms hadn't a clue what their kids were doing, yet my mom, the only working mother  of the bunch always  seemed to know and check!
Icad 45 Discover in the silence
Over the years I have witnessed many women not heed their intuition and others who have wanted to ignore it, knowing the alternative could mean a drastic change or disappointment in their life! I have a friend whose intuition was strong but always about five minutes off the mark. A few moments before something happened, she'd get the warning. Making life a bit of a rush for her!! Her young son got a nasty burn on his hand from fireworks he wasn't suppose to have.  She attempted to locate him minutes before he lit them. Thankfully he recovered unscathed!

Icad 47 Pick Well
 I've had very few speeding tickets in my 40 years of driving, one when I was six months pregnant and another one on a road I rarely drove. Just before I went over the hill I had this strong feeling,  there would be a radar trap ahead..it was the strangest feeling...that knowing!! I pulled over before the cop could get his lights on! 

Icad 50 question the universe
It's impossible to surprise Cupcake I once went out in a snowstorm to get her  pink leather boots for her birthday. She had no inkling I'd even left the house.  I was home long before school ended, hid them well, and never spoke of it. Still she knew!!
 Icad 49 Embrace Difference
She always knew the right kids  to hang out with. I would often point in the direction of the wrong kids... but her intuition was always there to protect her from harm. Time and time again her intuition has been so spot on, it's impossible for me or Beardo to ever question it! The other night I had a chilling feeling we needed to close our back door... She had the same feeling but neither of us mentioned it.  Thirty minutes later some nefarious young men were rummaging around in the lot behind us. She ruffled the blinds in her room to peer out,  they scurried, then returned later.
Icad   healthy goals
So many times Cupcake has returned from the city early only to hear there was something devastating happen near where she'd been.  Her body is so in tune with the universe and what's happening around her. Thankfully she seems to get a clear signal long before something happens! I often do too, even though mine is sometimes muddied!

Icad 48 don't over think it!

How about you do you think you have a keen intuition before the fact or does it kick in after, when it's too late?

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Confidence Paint Party Friday

Icad 39 Listen to Sage ones!
I have pretty much marched to my own drummer most of my life!  Although I may have appeared confident, I'm not sure that was always the case! I think sometimes to  barrel through your fears you have to fake it  until you make it!! So when you don't feel confident you encourage yourself to brave through the discomfort. 
Icad #38 strong family
  Usually there is a better outcome than expected!! Eventually you gain the strength to do it again and again!!

Icad #42 inspired by Flowers
My daughter has a lot of confidence for a once painfully shy little girl who barely said two words to anyone!! She basically hid behind my skirt tails! I'm not sure when the tide turned, but she's one brave  woman who will talk to anyone and  ask for anything she needs!! She is unafraid. There is no evidence of the once shy little girl...except when she is tentatively listening, which she does well!!
Icad #40 what's important!
Beardo has always been very quiet and I suspect lives in his head a lot. Much like I do most of the day! However he is wonderful to talk to in an intimate setting. As a couple, the kids can converse all day long with no lulls.  Although Beardo was raised in a family of nine siblings he rarely speaks in a crowd. He's "the listener".... he absorbs so much and is always learning. Should he ever speak  out in a crowd, it's either a profound thought, or well crafted quip of humour beyond all others!   There is a deep man inside, a well versed writer, who rarely writes. I hope one day, armed with  more experience he'll write  with regularity!
Icad #43 Your Power house
Having known Beardo as a teen I have watched his confidence grow through each and every accomplishment. I have also experienced him stumble and fall in that area too... There are key body signs when it happens. He hasn't quite made friends with his power yet... but one day that gentle giant will be a force to be reckoned with! He is a humble artist, jack of all trades, fixer of many things, who, as he says, " knows a thing about a thing or two!" And he really does!
Icad #44 look for beauty!
I am always surprised when people divulge their lack of confidence. I am saddened for them too! Such a waste to be always worried what others think.So sad not to value your own beautiful worth! We're all so gifted,  with many talents yet  to be discovered!
Oh yes I am flawed....like everyone is. That's the beauty of my humanity!! I am not the best artist or really the best at much.... I used to be a Jill of all trades. At the very least I tried to do new things... just like I continue to try to be an artist!! I am doing it because I love it!
Digitally altered the colour for summer of color!

Am I a confident artist...NO.... but it doesn't matter because I am having my kind of fun! I am enjoying my life. Along the way I make a few people happy with my quirky art. I'm not trying to sell it, I'm just showing the essence of my soul!
Colour digitally altered!

How about you.... do you have confidence??  Are you working on it? Has it improved over the years? Is there a pivotal moment when you became confident?

Very quick video worth the watch!
It could help you change your mind about yourself!
Famous Failures
who overcame....with Confidence! 
Icad 41 destroy misconceptions

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Colour Rules....Paint Party Friday

Best Fan Icad 34
I was thinking about what a rule follower my daughter has always been. How liberal our house was, and how she always made good choices. From letting the sugary cereals become stale preferring  healthier ones, to carefully riding her bike  within the perimeter of   set boundaries. She even returned all  uneaten food in her packed lunches  so I could assess what to send the next time! I never expected my child to be so obedient....ever!

 Bloom Icad  35
 Cupcake has been exposed to fairness most of her life! She chose to follow rules, maybe because my rules were always reasonable. There were a few silly unreasonable ones too, like not using mommy's show towels... The perfectly placed ones, made pretty for company only... that rule fell by the wayside since we  became adults!! Yet the towels still hang neatly folded in our powder room even though our standards aren't always the same!!

My sibling was never much of a rule follower right from early childhood, and he was spanked too many times to count, poor thing!! As an adult he is constantly chasing perfection, still breaking the rules.   Recently I've heard countless stories about movie stars who broke the rules to get their foot in the door. One stole all the movie scripts so he'd have a heads up at his audition.Many stories that have me perplexed! Only because that is so out of my ethical realm.
New Dream  Icad 33
I've been a bit of rule follower myself. I just don't feel comfortable breaking the rules. It's my nature. My brother has often teased me about it!! If it's harmless, or if someone is being treated unfairly I can be known to break the rules and speak out!!
 Value Art time Icad 31
I broke the rules in my decor using loads of colour long before it was fashionable!! Sometimes being true to yourself means breaking what I call the beige rules!! My house is full of colour done tastefully!! I am very aware my house wouldn't sell very fast with these colours in it!!   We as a family of artists need  colour, it feeds our souls!! So if one day we decide to sell, it will probably need to be whitewashed!! That's okay because  I'm a colour rebel and for now we are breaking the house selling rules!!
Color Rebel  Icad 36
Cupcake and Beardo have their own style.  It's never super trendy, and they
have no tattoos by choice. However they both  love fashion! 
I heard this quote that reminds me of them.
 " Fashion says, "ME TOO"
Style says," ONLY ME"
Feel your power Icad 32
I think artists, poets, comedians often break the rules by being who they are!! 
Saying and doing things others dare not say or do! 
July1st was Canada Day...I can't deny I am an extremely proud Canadian! Soc
Being true to yourself and owning your own power is probably the best route to go! 
Both Cupcake and I have a rebel spirit when it comes to people being treated unfairly!
We won't hesitate to defend unfair treatment of people or animals!!

How about you, do you break the rules, are you able to speak up for yourself or others?

P.s....pretty sure I always break the comma rules....lol

You can go here to find a  fun video on how to make your own washi tape!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Self Respect Paint Party Friday

  I made these icads (index card a day) way ahead of any thought of this post!  They were done completely separately at different times with different trains of thought! I had no idea how well they would marry with my words! A very interesting process!
Icad 26 Fitness

I was married young. I left my home with a brand new television as a wedding gift, and the clothes on my back. Later down the road I was given my piano!  Everything else I earned! 
As a child it was a privilege to have a second hand bike, each night it was carefully put away. We valued the little we had and nothing was left out! Every car I've owned I valued, keeping it clean inside and out!! Which got harder once a child came into the picture!!  Still I have always respected what I am blessed to have.
Icad 28 effortless style

I said a prayer of thanks everyday as I walked through the door of  dream kitchen in my former home! I revered it and kept it clean and tidy!  I felt so extremely fortunate that I could own something so beautiful! Many meals were prepared with love. Meals that were not always appreciated the way they should have been. To this day  I am sure to thank anyone who serves me several times, so they know how their love, thought, and hard work preparing is appreciated! 
 One of my least favourite Icads 23 Aura
I separated my laundry  so it was washed properly because I valued our clothing and how we looked. I kept my house and yard nice because I respected what I was so fortunate to own. Kept my clothes folded and hung up because I respected my space and my clothes! I valued the homes that  kept a roof over our heads... we were careful not to chip walls, or carelessly damage any part of it. However accidents do happen, and if so we'd repair and forgive ourselves because we knew our intention towards our dear home  was always good!

When I first bought this place as a single mom I sat in the living room for hours so grateful I had a nice place to finish raising my child. So many thoughts of gratitude abounded as I planned a colour for the walls! 

As things broke down that I couldn't  afford to fix I  was sure to feel grateful for what I did have! Keeping it the best I could. Daily we hear of people put out of their homes due to floods, fire, hurricanes. Each time I feel extreme sadness for them, I also feel extreme gratitude for what I  do have!
Surround yourself with good!! Summer of Color week #3
When friends visited  I put out my best. Cleaning and preparing to show it's best side before they arrived! It's always been a  joy to let my friends know how much I loved and respected them! To really feel the love of my space with my friends in it!
However the one thing I probably never respected enough was myself. Over the years I  often replaced work and serving others, with sleep. I developed early and was always a big looking kid even though I am only 5 feet 4 inches! I was never as big as I thought I was, until I was bigger than I thought I was!! For so many years my wear your feelings on your sleeve were anesthetized with a good meal, or  a doughnut.
Icad #24 escape your past
At ten the day after  I was molested by a distant relative,  I bought the biggest ice cream cone on the menu and ate it all!  When I didn't properly grieve my fathers death because my baby was only six weeks old a layer of bulge  went on!  When I didn't properly grieve the demise of my marriage because it was ugly and scary and my ten year old studied my face with  precision for constant cues that everything would be okay! Another layer was added! I didn't grieve the too many ugly incidents to count, when life was just a mess and my young daughter was at my side. Instead I pushed the pain down and looked to the positive! Layers upon layers of life I squished down now holds me captive. 

Icad 27 Conquer your own storm
I long for the days when I could carry around the weight and all the pressures of keeping up a home. I long for the old me who could still show my home how much I value it! I long for the girl with a strong hip that didn't hurt daily. I long for the young me who should have respected my body and my emotions as much as my house and my job! I should have got mad more, I should have refrained from rewarding my pain, and hard work with food. I should have felt my feelings head on, confronted them and respected them as okay..... 

For the last seven days of this really healthy eating cleanse some of the old greif is bubbling up.... I guess in order to properly release the toxins.... some of the pain will have to be felt too!  
Icad #29 escape shame!
I am not a compulsive eater that gorges, I have had to eat more food now than I have ever been used to. I just have terrible eating habits time wise. Sometimes I  never eat until mid afternoon...and grab whatever is closest in the fridge. Now I start  the morning with a green monster courtesy of Cupcake who makes us all one, and brings it to me.  I continue on with only healthy choices.  It's been great! This is not about weight, it's about health!  Any weight loss will be a bonus!! I am respecting the process...and my support team!

What drastic changes have you made in your life over the years? 

This is a hilarious video that proves art is sometimes 
more effective and powerful
than words!! You won't be disappointed!!
If Animals ate junk food!!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random bits

Inspired by love Icad  #15 summer of color week 2
 My post are usually quite heavy so this week I thought maybe 
I'd just toss out a few random thoughts along with my
  #icad2015 index card challengeinstead! You too can join
 in any time. It always takes me on a new path. A few 
years ago I  did  a shoe theme, then made this video 
at the end of it! 

This time I cut thin cardboard to the size of index cards since
 I detest how thin the paper is. I search  the paint for images...
and magazines, for words to piece together. It's a little like 
word association!! I'm really enjoying the process! 
It's also a bit of a challenge for me to work smaller!
Listen for a message Day icad  #12
  I love Lees work at "All about Me and Art" but she has recently changed her blog  and now it's harder to find! Her style is full of colour and whimsy!  I love Lees happy artwork, her posts are short, sweet, and she posts often! Check her blog here, and  her instagram here!

Always Hope  Day icad #13
 I also wanted to share a couple of my favourite Instagram artists. Annie Belamy's characters crack me up! She  writes phonetically with an accent as they speak so it's often like a puzzle to figure out what they're saying! Hope you love her as much as I do!
Shine On  icad #14  

I am also a huge fan of Lizabethannart she's doing faces at the moment but it's her big eyed children that I am in love with in all their many cute poses!

Humans of New york has been a favourite since I first started instagram, it's extremely heartfelt and I love it!   

I have an instagram guilty pleasure, hes an internet sensation that I'm afraid might not appeal to my readers so I'm not sharing it...many probably have him on your feed....however if you don't mind  swearing and want to know who it is, just email me...  he  makes me laugh daily! Can anyone guess who it is?
 Imagine Love Icad #14 I really don't like this one...but it works for soc too!

 A couple of months ago I was bleaching some white cloths with just a touch of bleach. I accidentally tossed in  Beardos really nice, light blue shirt with yellow polka-dots before thinking twice! I loved that shirt so much, he did too...and sadly the bleach took out the blue. I was so upset I bought him a new shirt. In the meantime Cupcake got on her tye dying kick and decided to take the ruined shirt and give it a shot! The results were wonderful and now he has a  Tye dye dress shirt that is all the envy of his workmates! Phew...now it's one of his new favourites!! The best part, he wasn't even mad at me, instead he kept laughing because I was so upset!

New Miracle Icad #16
I bought my own clothes with baby sitting money from the age of 13 on. I had a top I just loved!  It went missing. I looked high and low for my favourite top to no avail!  I asked my mom several times if she had seen it! After days of whining about my shirt...mom, snickering to herself,  finally pulled the shirt from her hiding place.  It had shrunk to the size of a dolls top, she was afraid to tell me....I was so angry.... but in retrospect it was pretty funny.  
Dream Play Icade #17
A couple of weeks back when I posted about my friends phenomenal memory about dates, likening her talent to a savant.....Well lo and behold my dear friend reads my blog and signed my Birthday Card....From the Savant...Oh my goodness did we have a good laugh!!
Thankfully she has the most amazing sense of humour and reminds me a lot of my blog friend Traceyfletcherking!
Dazzle your mind Icad #18
I'm on day four of a cleanse with Beardo and Cupcake! Basically we have omitted, dairy, sugar, white flour and all goodies in the free world....the kind I love. A while back I stopped using an artificial sweetner in my coffee.... Truth be told Beardo kindly weaned me off it! So life is very full of veggies which it always was, only now I have to eat way more often than I ever have before!! Doing it as a family is a lot easier!!
Dare to Bare your art! Icad 19
Day one I took a sip of the  recommended shake Cupcake made following the recipe perfectly...and thought....Yeah, I CAN'T do this....
then I tried a few more sips, chased with my coffee.... it was okay...Proudly I drank three quarters of the shake, then went to take another sip and gagged so bad...yeah NEVER drinking that again.. Cupcake managed to get  them down, three days in a row, then opted to make her own version,  a tastier one. She is the best drink maker ever!! Beardo didn't like the recommended version either, but managed two days before he switched too a tastier one! ! It filled us up...just tasted like poo....well not poo....I've never had poo...but it was bitter and how I imagine poo to taste... I think it was the cranberries and chia seeds... not sure..
. thankfully I now have a few fresh berries instead.

Rich in Fun Icad  #20
Both my daughter and I are very good cooks, and Beardo is excellent at the two B's
 Baking and Barbequing, oh and he makes a mean fancy grilled cheese! Darn why did I say grilled cheese.....I want cheese....
We all like tasty food!! Thankfully Cupcake knows how to make all the cleanse food tasty. After the ten days I'm pretty sure we will adopt some of these good habits!! I do miss my potato covered in junk though....and pasta...but that's it..... I CAN DO THIS!!   No one is weighing themselves...we are just gauging things by how our body feels. I'm going to eat my chicken salad now..... Have a great week!!

What is your least favourite food? 
Mine is beef stew..please don't tell me how you make the best stew in the world  with beef tenderloin and I would love it... I have detested it since I went to bed hungry at three...and have not eaten it since...Apparently even I can make a good beef stew....but after I divorced I vowed to never make it again... and I never will... I despise  the smell of beef simmering... that's why it repulses me.  Doesn't matter how good that stew is....I plead vegetarian on that front... I'm NOT eating it!!
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