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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Creative Blip, Paint Party Friday

Sinister Bunny click to enlarge!
Some people create with intention, I create with wild abandon. I've seen a young university student create art pieces to provoke.  Being self taught I tend to create willy nilly. From a young age I have always needed to release my creative energy.
Click to enlarge for a better perspective!

Every quiet moment  alone seemed to conjure up some kind of creative project whether it was crocheting, designing a dress I couldn't find in the stores, or designing my own style diaper bag with a fold out blanket to change baby on.  Everything in my midst needed a coat of paint to match things, poems needed to be written during hard times, and my life always needed colour!!  Sometimes a pretty tchotcheke  inspired a bathroom or bedroom makeover!!  At that time I had no idea I was on a creative mission. I was just decorating and doing,  out of creative necessity!!

As a teen a long red corduroy button up dress was worn as a coat, while I  crocheted a red and white  star hat to match. I baked and cleaned a lot,  always trying to use up that creative energy. So this week when my creative mojo took a rest, I was not a happy camper... I started five new paintings in my art journal and not one has turned out. It's either half done, too contrived or overly work to an ugly stage. 

Now that I am trying to post on instagram with regularity I feel pressure to create at a regular pace. I am posting old work peppered with new pieces. However this week I had nothing acceptable to share to Paint Party Friday.  So I resorted to my loft PC to squiggle  some digital lines in hopes of producing something digital. Thankfully that's a method that works for me and thankfully  these few pieces came to light!

One showed up after a conversation with Cupcake as she has worked 13 days in a row many days eleven hours as she  cautiously searches  for new reliable employees. The Sinister bunny came secondary! Cupcake hates with a passion the face...those smiles that appear are like the ugly clowns we both despise! Seriously these pieces show up without much thought, from squiggly lines. I feel my words are my only true contribution. They are what they are, whether they are liked or not is irrelevant I guess. I have yet to fully understand the creative process...I just know it needs to rear it's ugly head at times or you feel you might go crazy...it's like that itch you can't scratch...it just has to be!!  

Over the years friends and family have said I should design cards...more for the inner writing than the outer artwork. However I never seem to stay focused long enough on one 
subject matter. I do however admire those  like Tascha  who manages to stay on track with   adorable characters. 
How about you, do you have creative chaos in your life? 
Do you have your fingers in many creative pies, or do 
you have a rigid plan you stick to? I resort to digital art when 
at a loss of where to go, what do you resort to?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Going Back Paint Party Friday

Seventeen years later my former dream home that I enjoyed for nine years is again for sale! I had a jaunt through the photos. Reminiscing the wonderful times spent there raising my daughter.  A time I strove for perfection! A time when life was very social and full of excitement. Not always in a good way either!

Life has changed, I have changed, big time! Sadly there were a few changes to the house too! Not quite enough, and not in a good way! Viewing the photos I felt like walking into a time warp! Plush pink carpets in some of the main rooms! The wrong colours blended....although they are light colours it was an artists version of finger nails against a chalkboard! 
Cupcake and I  knew we could never go back. Feeling grateful for where we are even though my former dream home is worth twice what my place is now! Sometimes there is just way more value in having less that is more suited to your lifestyle. Sometimes it's better to be grateful for what is, rather than what isn't!
We need many upgrades to this place, even so, it still has more comfort to offer than our old place! Both physically and mentally!
I love my place, but I dream of winning the lottery home and having a suite so the kids
can have there own space with a large back yard for their children to run in. Yet where we live everything is so incredibly convenient, within walking distance and very affordable!
Sometimes the dream changes and that's okay.
 It's good to realize several dreams in your lifetime!

Do you love where you live? Do you wish you could go back to another place in time????
 What are your new dreams??

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Paint Party Friday Selfie

 Happy 4th Birthday 
You have been a treasure of inspiration and fellowship for artists!
Thank you Kristen and Eva for your beautiful devotion to this wonderful site!

I have been avoiding  my selfie  at all costs to the point of  sabotaging any attempt to create one. I have been doing anything and everything but the dreaded selfie. I am not much of a selfie girl these days!!
Digital me!

 I do my hair and  makeup when I leave the house! Don't want my nude mutt and squirrely hair to be blamed for someones car crash or heart attack! 

 I know, I know. you doubt I have  squirrely hair... trust me... I am a scary artist some days! Bra-less  when I am home alone!! They are my built in security system!! Wards off  strangers that would  attempt to bother a women in the creative half of her life! 

 Of course I'm going to put my best face forward for this party!! Please excuse my wonky eyes though, just consider it my party face! After all don't we all have a wonky eye after a few drinks!

In Honour of Paint Party Fridays Fourth Birthday after a failed attempt at a very strange looking acrylic that looks NOTHING like me I created this digital piece, and the ones above. Not that the green haired me, or the Happy Birthday me do either! But I needed to participate!

I used to be a homemade apple pie in a purple kitchen!
I have passed the torch to my  to  Cupcake!
 Now I'm a cane wielding mess in
long black  paint splattered shirt dresses to my knees.
Also known as sleep shirts...shhhhh don't tell.
 Surrounded by paint splashed towels, journals, books, art supplies
 that often become as hilly as my breasts, begging to be straightened. 
On occasion, and I say that lightly, as it only happens when guilt 
actually takes out it's boot and  kicks my butt.
Pretty much after the rest of the house has been cleaned and
 I am still buried in a mess of art supplies I feel forced 
to straighten my pile  in a polite attempt to
 be a considerate partner of my house mates! 

Thank you all for visiting and contributing such thoughtful kind comments!
I appreciate each and every one of you and have made some 
beautiful friendships! So happy to have met you all!

I sure admire those who create good selfies, such as Pauline who created an amazing series for  29 faces in February that I love! And Tommy Kane who has  many artists create their version of him!  Also an amazing series you might want to check out and participate in!

How about you, do you find it difficult to create selfies?

Saturday, March 07, 2015

International Womans Day 2015

 Each International Woman's day I try to share this poem I wrote almost ten years ago. It's a summation  of the many women I have encountered over the years as well as myself! It's a tribute to women everywhere who's inner world propels them to better things! This is the first digital art I have done with my tablet!
 Mother, daughter, Sister, Lover

I am a woman, and I cry when no one can hear
I have huge dreams, I never share
I have fantasies, I dare not reveal
I have unrequited love, that is never recognized
I am the white noise in the home
Persistently preparing, repairing and doing at all times
I love deeply, with vision, constant hope, pride and joy
I have a relentless faith, in life, in god, in family, in future
I carry the burdens and secrets of others
Hold guilt to my heart, where empathy,
Forgiveness and optimism obstinately reside
Often suppressing passion, and creativity
I do my duties without fail, or resentment
I stand alone in my failures and regrets
I give, even when there is but a pittance
I get less, expect less, and take less, feeling like I am less
I am taken for granted, heard with rare acceptance
I am courageous, beyond my expectations
I am the unpaid teacher, waitress, homemaker, and psychologist
I am the solver of problems, and scarcely put first
I have thoughts, I feel ashamed to share
I have wants, I will never reveal
I have needs that no one will heed
I have a lonely soul, which I can not seem to feed

I am a woman, and I cry alone, about what isn’t
What will never be, what is lost, forgotten, not forgiven
Not recognized, or realized, or capitalized, I cry about
Poverty, and love forlorn, for loved ones, and love forgotten
I am a woman, resilient in majestic proportions,
I am a woman, of maternal magnificence
I am a woman, with imperial abilities
I am a unique woman, the queen of my family
And heart of my home!
  Paint Party Friday

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Whimsical Week


 Much like life you just never know what's going to turn up in your artwork! This little guy obviously lost a lens in his glasses! Or maybe it's a metaphor and he's only seeing through one eye! Either way he's a whimsical character even if he's not exactly smiling!

 It's been a whimsical week!!

 This is my favorite kind of artwork! Crazy, colourful and full of whimsey!
 Nothing is ever as it appears, and these characters are a perfect representation of that!

 This week I have been really enjoying instagram! It's so inspiring. But darn it's addictive!
I made a huge mistake of writing a bit this week then leaving my train of thought. Sadly it did not materialize. I often wonder if all the visual stimulation decreases our need for in depth communication. Does all this stimulation inspire more creativity, or does it deter it?
 Having a library  of information at your finger tips is extremely alluring to anyone craving knowledge! When is it too much I wonder? I guess everything needs boundaries!
Are you motivated under a reward system or  retribution?

  I raised Cupcake on a reward system. It worked for her! However in her first
grade classroom a boy who stood on desks was rewarded with candy when he
sat in his chair while the other first graders looked on....unrewarded for their obedience!
Since early childhood I was self motivated to do what I love,
 but nothing upset me more than unjustified punishment.
 Probably why I left home at seventeen! 
Cupcake is  self motivated in a more balanced way than me!
Working under the threat of punishment would only stress her out!
How about you?

Digital color edit
 This week I took a Strathmore  FREE Online Workshop on making background pages with stamps. Check it out there are many different workshops happening. I deviated a little from the way the stamps were made. I cut bits  from foam sheets purchased at the dollar store and stuck them  to cardboard with adhesive spray! I like how they turned out!!

I've yet to try them in a piece of artwork, but wanted to share how  they look
and stamp  on paper. The following are my favorites!
 These are the others stamped on paper! 
Can't wait to try out some of the background styles taught! 

The  others are just random and I'll have to experiment and see if I enjoy them! Can't wait to take a few more of those workshops...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pink Shirt Day Paint Party Friday

Wednesday was pink shirt day in Canada, to raise awareness for anti bullying. Eradicating bullying seems a futile endeavor. Nothing to date seems to work. I feel the ugly of bullying escalating as people hide behind screens, and continue to feel anonymous while media strives for their little piece of the pie slamming the latest celebrity. 

 I asked Beardo if he thought bully awareness has improved anything! He commented that Bullies are bullied, nothing has changed except we talk about it more! That's coming from a man who has zero tolerance for anything violent, physically or verbally.
Cupcake Love Pal, I didn't even want to post him!

So how could we really make a difference I wonder. Maybe social responsibility? Taking care of societies most vulnerable, abused women and children, youth at risk, the mentally ill.  Maybe a kindness project instead of Anti Bullying campaign. 

During Cupcakes elementary school years they required children to say three put ups to their classmates for every put down. A stellar idea that made kids aware of the importance of finding nice things about a person. 
I was known to be witty as a teen, you'd not want to be at the brunt of my contemptible humour! A form of defense well honed for protection after being verbally bullied as a child, sometimes at home and at school.
Boarder Dude
In grade one I was choked so hard by a male classmate   who had been severely abused by his father that he committed suicide at twenty-one while incarcerated!

This is a subject I've visited before. Since it's an ongoing issue with no solution it's important to repeat my sentiments once again.  Especially when I see even more blatant nastiness on television and online. 
It's as though adults have ramped up their 
judgements of others, spewing any old thing, losing the concept of compassion. How are we to be good examples when we jest about the inadequacies of everyone else?

 It seems to me people are letting their guard down on social media too. Do they not realize their children may one day read their ugly, in the moment, words of frustration.
How do we resolve this issue or at least take it down a notch or two? I've seen kindness projects but they never seem to take flight like they should. Random acts of kindness need to trump bullying. 
I am one to think in opposites trying  not to focus on the negative. So instead of Anti bullying wouldn't it be nice to wear  purple shirts to celebrate a day of kindness  where we proactively do something profound for someone who needs it most.
As parents we can only teach our children well. 
Nip bad behavior in the bud. Watch our words 
so that we are kind at home and on the
 internet. Make our homes a soft place to fall. 
Keep judgements minimal, and remember
that everyone has a story!

In a perfect world  we would hope for a kindness project to go viral escalating enough to wipe out bullying.
For now one can only dream!!

How would you counteract bullying?
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