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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happiness paint party Friday

So grateful to have purged a pile of clothes from my closet 

 With the  mood of our world of late and so much sadness abounding  it's hard to have a  conversation about happiness.   Maybe it should make us take even more notice of how truly blessed we are!  I started penning  this post long before things really went amok.
It's sad for me to observe people  abundant, with healthy  solid families unable to find happiness! I'm not quite sure if it's because they're  looking for that big manic piece of grandeur, whether they're focused too much on the negatives, or whether they suffer with depression. Happiness always starts within. Sounds easy right? 
If you focus on what you are not, instead of what you are, life might be sad. If you don't thread small bits of joy together and assess them at the end of the day....life might be sad. If you feel too much compassion for others, but not enough for yourself, life might be sad. If you treasure material things instead of your own internal gifts, life might be sad, If you don't have companions, family, animals or otherwise, life might be sad. If you don't find your true passion, life might be sad. If you have a mental illness you may be sad.  If you always feel a lacking or in need of something.....you will probably feel sad. 
I enjoyed playing with colour this week
I was not a happy little child. There was no twinkle in my eyes. My spirit was broken. I was misunderstood. Through the years  I searched for happiness in boys, candy/popcycles, liquor, religion, charity, books, and fun. Seriously it wasn't until I found a heart full of peace, understood my penchant for creativity and felt grateful for the little things that I truly felt the happiness I'd been searching for.
It was never the big house or fancy car even though  it was nice.  It wasn't the good job, or piles of friends, I loved those too!  It wasn't partying and surrounding myself with people.  It was being grateful for the warm bed, a nice meal, a talk with a friend, a kind word or gesture...it was being grateful each moment for all the small niceties in my life! The comfort, beautiful colour around me, love of my family, a car in working order, lots of laughs. 
Don't get me wrong, it was, and always will be fun laughing  with friends and family. Enjoying intimate conversations. But  it's the small  moments of joy threaded together,  knowing if I look  in my midst there is something to be happy about. 
A happy doodle while feeling under the weather
Even through aches and pains, through grief and disappointment there are small joys to be happy about. Even if there is something to deter my joy for a moment, I always know it's right around the corner!! 
Happiness is not something to search for, or buy. It's always there in our midst...those simple moments, a kind unexpected gesture, a good sleep, a laugh after deep period of grief, feeling pride over creativity.  It's about being grateful for the whole experience, knowing no matter how bad things get there will always be things to appreciate with gratitude! There will always be simple  things to look forward to, so when the big joys appear in your life it's even better because you're already happy!

What is one simple thing that brought you joy this week?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The haunting question Paint Party Friday

Acrylic background pages
 Paint Party Friday

Quote " Artists and writers give you what you didn't know you wanted!"
Cupcakes Favorite boots, even though she has many these have been resoled and had new zippers over time! All the shoe paintings are for a project I have planned!
Are you coupled with someone you're not sure of? When I was married  I asked myself the  question, "Could I retire with my partner?" The thought horrified me since he didn't have any hobbies or friends. However I had tons of hobbies and friends so I was busy having fun doing many things. I shivered at the thought of him underfoot twenty four seven. Actually anyone underfoot all the time might drive me a little nuts. I really value alone time. I remember staying up late just to have the solace of being alone a few hours daily. I stayed married many years after asking myself that question.
Acrylic background pages
Day in and out people work, raise children, deal with in-laws and out-laws, have hobbies and extra curricular activities! Sometimes they rarely connect except when their head is about to hit the pillow. Or when they're harping at each other about the should haves, could haves and would haves of life!! I was a pretty insightful to ask myself that question in my twenties!  Too bad I didn't heed the answer a lot sooner than I did!  The only consolation is knowing I wouldn't have Cupcake without that relationship!

I have no regrets, but I still look at couples  and wonder could they retire together. Will they be happy with one or the other underfoot? When a woman is in turmoil about her marriage I ask her that question...the answer is usually an emphatic no!
Background page wip

Friendship is always a bases for a good relationship. My parents had a wonderful friendship as the root of their partnership. It's quite interesting to observe Cupcake and Beardo who are much the same as my parents,  planning daily together what they will manifest in their life! Whether it's painting a room together which they are working on right now!  Or planning trips to the grocery store, a concert or Vegas. They giggle and have fun daily.
Beardo's awesome dancing shoes!!
 I've asked them that question and do believe they could retire quite nicely as a couple. I'm not naive. Of course once you place children into the mix things could drastically change. Thirteen years together and coming up on their eighth wedding anniversary, my money is on them lasting the long haul! Kids or not!
Gratitude for my home and family
My parents marriage took a beating while raising kids,  my father  was a wiser disciplinarian and mom flew off the handle, probably from exhaustion... They differed on how to raise children. It was probably their biggest conflict outside of alcohol! 

 Once we were up and out of the house they resumed their deep affection for each other despite the fact that mom was never that romantic. When a woman doesn't expect emotional romance the man is kind of off the hook. My dad on the other hand  could be a bit  romantic in a non monetary way!  Ultimately romance was never their thing, practicality and friendship was at the core of their long standing love relationship! They were golfing and dancing lovers who adored each other til the bitter end! Sadly even though they retired only one year together,  they enjoyed every minute they could!
Two weeks in and already I feel like I'm BLOOMING!!! What a difference a week makes!!

                                 Could you retire happily with your partner? 

Check out this website for what you can do with recycled cds....I want to make somethings like the above guitar for the next art charity!! There are amazing ideas on here!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Word of the year paint party friday

Early December I picked my word for next year, didn't write it down and it vanished!  Then I read a lovely post The power of one little word, by Katherine Jeanne Wood...... about how the word Change affected her life. I was going to steal her word but  I'm not ready for that yet! So I decided to go through the alphabet....a J and a P came to mind....and I tried to think of words that would work with J nothing came to mind except joke....so I picked a "P" and Polish was the first word that came to mind...."JUST POLISH" that's exactly what I need, to polish my poetry, polish my painting, polish my words. So I decided to make a list of P words I want to incorporate into my New Year!!
 This was factored after one of my favourite Masters Romero Britto  
for Art Journal Journey
Polish, Purge, Paint, Poetry, Print, Pave the way for new things, Productive, Positive, Practical, Peace.

Last years " Glean" wasn't as good as the 2013's " Focus"! I am still a bit uneasy about "Polish" as my year is not off to the best creative start!  It seems to be more about writing than art these days! Every time I look at the word POLISH I don't see something smooth and glossy, I see Polish as in  people from Poland and want to fry up a sausage with sauerkraut....I just can't get used to it!! So I continued on my hunt for a new word...

Cupcake looked at some of my art in my gratitude book recently and commented that it was a bit kiddish! She is right it is, but she just purchased a very kiddish starbucks mug   with the eyes that we all love! I copied it as is,....looking very loose and quickly put together!!  So there is always hope for kiddish art! And since I am such a kid at heart it stands to reason I should focus on doing a kids book above all!! 

Truthfully I am still trying to find my creative way.... I know only one thing  for sure! I am ALL about colour!! Plus I love doing digital art too but haven't quite the right tools for that yet! I asked myself what I want to accomplish this year because I am always all over the place. I admire those who can stick to one subject and focus on that. I want to feel confident in finding my style. I am a completely intuitive artist and wait for something to come to me, I rarely take charge of what I am going to create. Although at times I do! Maybe that's why the gratitude art journal could work for me because it's forcing me to think and draw more...still kidish though. 

Are you still waiting for my word...... well at first I thought I really need to THRIVE....and then I thought nope still not it, ..... I need to BLOOM!! That's my 2015 word.....BLOOM.... and yes I want to do all the above too!! 

Where do you see your creative year going? Did you pick a word and if so how did you decided on that word?

A very humorous little video on Britto art shoes....It's only a minute but you will get a chuckle out of it!! Sorry I tried to embed it but couldn't! 

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Behind the Photos! Paint Party Friday

 Happy New Year
  I hope all of your creative dreams come true in 2015!!

This Facebook quote really got me as I observed people hide their illnesses, 
frustrations  and worry behind twinkling lights, laughter and wonderful food this season!
 There will be many changes this year as people wrestle their demons, frustrations, grief and illness. Equally there will be wonderful changes too with newness, hope, and joy! I will find snippets of gratitude in every moment  I can. So begins my Gratitude Art Journal!
Last day of 2014 taken by Cupcake through the car window
  Even the following photo of the last day of 2014 doesn't tell the story that
Cupcake missed a wonderful New Years bash with a 
complimentary hotel room over on the island because she was so sick!
 Everything can look so perfect in photos but behind those lovely images are family stories of suffering and worry! I agree it's important to grow the positive and dream big dreams. However we can't dismiss  the pain that may be bubbling below the surface or mistakenly envy those we feel seem to have it all!!
Photos are just that, they capture a lovely moment. A momentary pain killer! Like pennies we should gather together those moments into a bigger sum to cherish and carry us through the tough times! Focusing on the goodness begets goodness, but it doesn't ward off grief  or suffering...it just quells  those disruptions briefly.
 This has been a difficult year for so many I have watched as some bloggers have lost their heart and inspiration through grief, and others have been propelled to amp up their creativity as a road to healing and comfort! We are so fortunate to have an avenue to express those deep seeded feelings whether with words or colour! Some use their athletic ability, or culinary skills. Others use music, charity, and reading to find solace! I am lucky to have  all that I need to cope within, some are not so fortunate.
Next week I'll share my word of the year and my process for 
finding it!
How are you feeling going into the New Year? Do you feel hopeful?

Here is a hilarious video that happened recently on our local News Cast. The Newscaster grew up just down the street from Beardo and hung with his older brothers! Cupcake laughed so hard at the live cast she awoke Beardo...you could say their 2014 went out with a bit of a bang! I suspect this WILL go viral!  

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Colourful Christmas, paint party Friday!

Here is the tutorial for this last minute bow I made!
So exciting to be able to scribble on a piece of paper and come
up with a last minute bow on a host  gift for my Brother who
hosted Christmas dinner on the 23rd!
My Brother and Niece
My niece helped her dad  cook  a spectacular dinner, 
we brought baking and  the raspberry dessert!
I snitched one of Cupcakes photos off instagram!
Dinner at my Brothers
My Niece and her beau together six years today!

Cupcake and Beardo at his parents home Christmas eve! They draw names!
We are  such colourful people that it's no surprise
we brought a  colourful   mango salad and raspberry
 desert  to Beardos parents house on  Christmas Day!
Cupcakes sister-in-law  had a friend bring these 
cookies all the way from New York and they were
AMAZING!! Also colourful!!
Even though we don't exchange gifts Cupcake saw this awesome 
before Christmas and thought it would be perfect for me! 
It was twenty two dollars and she wanted to see
if the price would drop after Christmas!

Browsing in a completely different  store 
  she  saw the book  laying alone on a table 
waiting to be picked up! Only $7.99!
I LOVE it, there are so many tips and ideas of 
things to draw! We were very excited!!

Christmas night taking  ussies!
I'll be back to wish you all a Happy New Year!
For now enjoy the holiday, be safe and don't drink and drive! 
I can't wait to dig into my new book!! 

Was there anything colourful about your holiday?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

No place like Home for the Holidays Paint Party Friday


Revamped advent Calendar in the style of a box. Still needs some finishing touches!
As I thumbed through my address book  I realized how different this era is than when I was raised.  So few people  stay in one place for a lifetime. There's something to be said for living in the same house most of your childhood, getting married then returning home during the holidays.  Sauntering through the old rooms, eying familiar items from  childhood, opening the fridge to the same condiments and traditional Christmas foods from holidays past! It seems people made more sacrifices to stay put  during my parents era than they do  today! 
When you open the doors there are 24 little drawers to pull out. The original is too ugly to show!

With a  fifty percent divorce rate and a few dips in the economy things have gone awry. There is just not the same stability that past generations enjoyed with  their families, where grandpa and grandma lived in the same house until they died and all the  aunts and uncles did the same! Back then  home was the same place for decades! 

People seem to want bigger and better, or they split and can't afford the family home. Only a hand full of the people I know have lived in their homes ten years or longer! The majority of my  old neighbors living in elite homes  are all now divorced and moved on. It seems the ones who struggled to hang on to their modest homes during tough  times, ones who have renovated from the sweat of their brow, or raised several children, are still in their homes twenty odd years later!

Save a few addresses, sadly my address book is now defunct. Some people are only in our lives for a season, I guess  it's the ones that count  that stay a lifetime.  Even though things get  old and overlooked, renovations are put on hold, there is something so comforting about being in the same familiar place for years! 

Beardos parents have been in their three bedroom basement  home over fourty years. They  raised ten children and even though certain rooms have been renovated there is one  room  that still has the same curtains from the seventies. Curtains my mom once owned too! All the children come home for Christmas with their families.There is something so loving and comfortable about being there! It's a feeling that can't be bottled into words!
Digital Color edit

When I was young I wanted things to look perfect, surround myself in beauty, to stay current. When I was married the  longest we stayed in a home was nine years. There was always a reason to move.  Having been in my home sixteen years now I realize for me there is truer value in  permanence and stability. I am a homebody, some people have more of a gypsy spirit and need change often, others are economically forced to move whether they want to or not!

Life is ever changing, with technology, morals, and attitudes. Still  there is something to be said for going home and knowing things might be a little tattered here and there, but it's filled with love,  good memories and comfort that fill your heart with joy like no other!
Do you love your home as much as I do mine?
 Didn't get cards out in time this year. Inside its says Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!
Click on the photo for a better affect!
Wishing all my blog friends a  Holiday filled with Love, Peace
and snippets of Joy where possible!

To those suffering loss, or illness, be kind to yourself and remember 
the season is short and a New Year is around the bend.
In that, there is always HOPE!
May you ALL be blessed with good things!
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