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Thursday, November 19, 2015


In my twenties  I knew a married couple who admittedly did 
not hold each other in the same esteem! The wife was resigned
 to loving him implicitly despite the fact he did not love her! 
 I remember feeling  shocked and saddened, wondering
why that was enough for her!
  One evening we played cards  at their home. As an outspoken
 independent  woman the man of the house managed to bait
and irk  me every way possible all night long! 
I used my contemptible humour  to combat 
his ignorant comments!

The fact that he didn't love his really sweet wife the mother of his
two young children angered me! We managed to get through the 
night with me enjoying his wife's company best
It's important to imagine peace and calm!
It was a cold late night so my husband warmed up the car
while I waited at the window. The man crept up beside me and 
whispered that he wanted to sleep with me. I remember the 
shock and betrayal I felt! He was my husbands  former work mate 
  married to a sweet woman in the next room. I was furious!
We had fought the whole night. I assumed he hated me 
by nights end! Instead his words rang in my ears! 

 " Yeah that's not happening," I thought, ignoring him as I
quickly rushing out the door! I didn't have the kind of husband I
 could easily share that with. He'd would have been angered 
to the point of retaliation!   I felt trapped with my secret!
Digital #happytilerthoughts!
 Occasionally I bumped into them  at the grocery store but 
never made an effort to build a long term friendship!
 I suspect the wife knew he was a womanizer but closed 
a blind eye!

Then one day out  of the blue I read in the paper the wife had 
died after a routine surgical procedure. I felt so sad fo 
 the young children,  losing their dear mother way too soon!
Digital art...."happytilerthoughts!

The stress of losing his wife and being left
with two young children to raise alone caused  temporary alopecia.
His long thick  hair quickly disappeared and he was left completely bald 
and broken!

Sadly his wife died thinking she was unloved! He suffered
with his grief for a long time! Not sure how his story ended since
we lost touch when we moved!

Some people find it  so difficult to tell their family they love them!
I like to tell my kids I love  them every night before bed!
often blurt it out  during the day  too!
 I think it's important to say aloud! Not only for the person you love,
 but for yourself too....just in case the opportunity is lost and 
you are  forced to carry that for the rest of your life!
Over the years I have learned that you can't always choose 
who you fall in love with! Just because you love them, doesn't
mean they have to love you back!  Love them anyway!

When is the last time you voiced how you feel 
to your loved ones?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Attracting abundance!

Before and after Coasters
 Cupcake saw these ugly black coasters for 4 dollars thinking 
I would  enjoy revamping them. Sure enough I put a few words
on all four. I  deviated from my first idea since 
a few of the words didn't fit in the space.
  Then I painted the back sides but hated how eighties 
the hearts and colour were! So I painted over it all starting again.
 I rarely use white but loved the colour peeking out. They just
need to be varnished and I think I can live with them now!
   Things don't always work out the first time!

"Money comes easy and frequently, be strong you got this!"
is what Cupcake chants in her mind lately!  
It's interesting all the little things  
manifested with  this mind set!  

  In the last few weeks she has received; a lancome 
 pack  with mascara, eye makeup, lip gloss,
  my very favorite expensive cream which
 she gave me, plus a  free meal she expected to pay for!
Photo Credit Pepperpf
A few years ago I tried a sample of this  expensive cream and fell in love with it. It's like a little face lift in a jar!
 While expressing her excitement over Christmas 
 decor a Starbucks employee handed her a 
free snowman cookie. Long before the silly 
red cup controversy too.
Photo credit Pepperpf
  As her mind repeats those daily words good fortune continues 
in the way of more free mascara, free dishwasher detergent
and good coffee beans. 

Each time she says a little prayer of thanks for 
abundance. She feels excited and grateful
 for each and every little thing she receives!!
In the meantime she is cleaning and purging 
 to make way for all the wonderful new things 
to come into her life!

Recently Cupcake purchased really fun gifts for
a single mom and her children. I enjoyed her 
excitement  as she spread out all the 
  adorable toys and clothes she 
found for this sweet little family! 
Her joy bubbled over into my heart!  

Her mind  is always focused on giving and gratitude 
 even while chanting," Money flows
 easily and frequently, be strong you got this! 

With Beardos recent weight loss he is now floating in 
his clothes. So she put five pairs of his pants 
 on a facebook auction website. A very busy 
 restaurant owner in a nice part of town offered
 to buy them, treat her to lunch and give her 
another gift certificate for dinner if she could 
deliver them to his place of business!    

Photo credit Pepperpf
Little does this family man know that if she likes
his restaurant she will tweet about her experience!
Even though it already has very good reviews!

After being discontinued for several years

Cupcakes favorite expensive leather fluvog boots 
(she's had resoled 3 times  and replaced the zippers
once in eight years) are in distribution again!
She practically lives in those boots all winter long!
A gift fairy has offered to pay for new ones!
And no it's not me!
The other day she found a receipt on the ground that she could
use at a  website to redeems six dollars.

Daily new things are offered up....but she's had to purge things
that were taking up needless energy. She sold things on 
the auction site, and gave things to charity. In the flow of
donating, purging and giving she attracts new opportunities
and things she needs!  

What you give doesn't always come back to you the way you expect
it often comes in mysterious ways!! I find you  just got to  have
Photo taken yesterday, Credit to Pepperpf...it's a very late Fall this gorgeous  tree has just turned!

Do you need to attract new things into your life?
If so what is it?  Would you be willing to repeat
a few positive words in your mind
to manifest what you want?

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