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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why you don't say a word

   Paint Party Friday
Show Your Face Friday 

Connolly original acrylic

As a lover of good documentaries I probably don't watch enough of them.
However after watching, "The war at Home" on Cbc last month I was
inspired to write this poem in  response! When things 
are a bit too raw I tend to distance myself to gain more perspective
and edit properly. If you have difficulty understanding domestic 
abuse and why women don't leave promptly this might be a
documentary for you to explore! Not sure if it can be seen outside of 
Canada. I've added Connolly the cat and Peck the bird to take
the edge off this dark subject!   

Marney original
Why you don't say a Word

"Just leave," they all say,  not possible indeed
held hostage by threats they daily feed
to harm children, or animals, ones that you love
sustaining control, they dangle it  above
I understand, why you don't say a word
terrified your words will go unheard
authorities eyes blank at the sound of your voice
prejudged,  you say nothing, completely by choice
 Victim once, a victim twice  
needing protection, needing advice
No one can help on those nights all alone
  noises in darkness, vulnerable on your own
You could call and be wrong, you set the alarm
terrified  that truck  might be here to do harm
Shoes by your bedside, under the pillow slip the keys
the cell phone, a hammer, you never sleep with ease
Some friends understand, the ignorant  ask why
you stare in disbelief that they can't hear your cry 
  screams lodged inside, hidden from the  world
protecting your children while the fear is unfurled
 I understand why you don't say a word
when you faced the courts, it went unheard
it angered the monster, fueled up the fire
the fear just doubled, so did his ire
When or if  you find a modicum of  peace
the sedated anger is never  sure to cease
It can smolder like fire, or fester like a boil
become toxic and dangerous causing turmoil
This is the person you once loved with your soul
you could never predict how it could take such a toll
Surviving abuse you'll not go unscathed 
The fear lays dormant, never goes unfazed  
Peck original acrylic
So I understand why you don't say a word
because women have died not being heard
Your children aren't safe, nor family and friends
it's the daily dilemma that  never makes amends!

or that never really ends!
Most of us have known someone affected by  domestic abuse!
Have you ever had to support a woman through an
toxic  domestic situation?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Flaws Paint Party Friday

Observing a piece of art as a whole is a richer experience  than only focusing in on one aspect of the  picture.  

Pointing out our personal flaws  draws attention to them!! I prefer to let them blend into the background instead! When an  artist is  unhappy with their painting, declaring what they dislike alters my perspective of that piece.
Instead of enjoy their painting as a whole, I'm focused on what they perceive to be the flaw... It changes my experience of that artwork... A mention that you understand there are flaws, without a detailed explanation, may preserve the valuation of the piece!
Bird Love
I worked with a woman who had terrible rheumatoid arthritis.... her hands were completely   deformed and  gnarled.  She had a moon face from all the  prednisone. Still she did her best, worked as hard as she could, and maintained a home in Vancouver. 
 I was young and picked up the slack where she was void... I didn't mind, I had a lot of empathy for the older spinster! We had a mutual respect for each other! 
 Eventually  a new girl was hired. Once she was accustomed to her position  she drew attention to the elder coworkers deficiencies by focusing  in  on them. With compassion I had worked around certain  defects for years, choosing not to notice them.  However the newer girl exacerbated the flaws by honing in, and pointing them out at every opportunity!.

 Not the physical flaws, the personality flaws that go along with being an independent woman in pain, trying to manage in a world of young women trying to outdo her!! I resented the younger coworker because until she pointed out the shortcomings I was perfectly happy to  pick up the slack where the older gal lacked!
Unfortunately when people blatantly point things out you're forced to acknowledge them...there was no going back.  Thankfully I saw through the younger woman's attempt to  deem the elder in a position of three is a crowd!  Still I was happier before I noted all my coworkers weaknesses under a magnifying glass!
Eventually the older lady retired. Despite the peer pressure  I  was always kind and helpful to her and those less fortunate.  It was such a great lesson carried on throughout the years!
A lesson my mother taught me at a young age...Don't tell people your physical flaws. Instead of appreciating you as a whole, they won't be able to ignore those things less attractive!! So  enjoy and love the whole package people it enhances the experience!  Make improving  flaws an intimate personal challenge, rather  than pointing them out  in your art, yourself, or others!! 

Do you focus on your flaws?
The kids went to Sir Paul McCartney's concert 
this week for the second time in four years!
They couldn't be more thrilled once again
to have experienced such a legend!   
 They stopped for coffee and donuts  on the way home.
A lady ahead of them was complaining to the barista 
that it was a terrible concert and that he should retire.
Dumbfounded Cupcake and Beardo wondered if they
were even at the same concert as her! Having already
experienced several living legends in their 
young years they found McCartney to be at the
top of their list!  His energy and work ethic are
Perspective is everything! How you choose to look at the 
world does affect your experience!! There will always
be curmudgeons, we just have to feel sorry for them.
They do themselves a huge disservice and miss out on 
so much joy!    
May your week be as bright as these tulips!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Karma Paint Party Friday

Cupcake hollered up the stairs," ARE YOU OKAY Mom?"  
She heard me doing the ugly cry at my computer! 

photo credit Pepperpf....tulip festival
A hard working dear friend struggled terribly 
when young. Barely a quarter to spend on coffee.
Broken down chairs, laundry hanging on ropes
in the kitchen unable to afford to fix the clothes dryer.
Things broke down constantly and there was a mini
crisis at every turn. Life was  so very difficult with
babes in arms
I worked hard too, but I had a 
pretty cush life at the time!
  I was extremely independent,
 my life was pretty secure in comparison!
Despite the differences we always had
such a great time together.
Photo credit Pepperpf  more tulip festival
Margarita tulips photo credit Pepperpf tulip festival 2016
A few twists and turns my life became difficult too!
Friends came out of the woodwork to help!
 Only a few weeks ago I was thinking of that one 
particular friend who really was a special
  life-saver during those tough lean years!
Photo credit Pepper
A friend who was always a phone call away in 
my time of need. Helping me more times than I 
can ever  count! It was never possible for me to 
repay the generosity and kindness! 
Original Photo credit Pepperpf, colour edit done by me!
Instead I prayed good  things would 
come their way. I'd always wished I could do
 something really spectacular for them, 
but I was never in a position to repay them. 
Recently my mind wandered to all the things they 
did for me and others. Again I said a little prayer 
that good things would happen for them. 
Photo credit Pepperpf colour edit by me
As life improved I was grateful not to 
have to call each time there was a problem
I couldn't solve alone!  It was embarrassing 
to be so needy back then! We hook 
up annually now.
Even though I rarely see my dear friends I 
think of them often with such love and fondness. 
Wishing them a wonderful life filled with
 everything that makes them happy!
 This week  my friend  had very good
fortune befall their family.  Much 
deserved life altering blessings.
My heart is so full of gratitude for
my wonderful friends! 
The ugly cry at my computer was tears
of joy and gratitude! Pure happiness for
 my dear friends.

My prayers were answered! I bawled
 while giving thanks for this wonderful
blessing on their life Their lives will be 
changed in a beautiful way. I am beyond 
ecstatic for them. Even though this has 
been a physically difficult week, my
 heart is so full of joy!
Life really is a roller coaster ride. We 
all have joys and sorrows over a  life time! 
Every so often, when we least expect it, 
some really really good  karma drops
 by to visit really really good people!
Extremely thankfully!!

Do you feel pure joy when
your friends have good fortune?  
Can you share a particular time 
you were especially happy for
 a friends good fortune ?
Original acrylic
Sorry my art is a little weak this post.
 I have several works in progress right now....
Wishing you all creative joy this week!
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